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Hot Water Dispenser Westfield

Furthermore, if you would rather choose to rent a water filtration system, you will be required to sign a contract for a minimum of 5 years. This means you pay for rental $2.400! You don`t realize these things if you don`t make your calculations prior to the water filtration rental. For instance, if you find a brand new water cooler bottle you want to purchase now but you have your contract signed for 5 years, you are part of an unpleasant situation. This is the reason why you need to calculate and see which option is mostly suitable for you, from the financial point of view.

Have questions? Give us a call!

Have questions? Give us a call!

The hot and cold water dispenser from WON water is a bottleless water purifying and dispensing solution. The complete kit comes with a purifying unit, a cooler and dispensing unit, a 25 feet flexible water way and a guide to do it step by step. You can install it yourself or with your local plumber. Our service highly professional and expert technicians are also available for installation and servicing for a nominal fee at all locations across United States except Hawaii and Alaska.

WON water is your best choice for clean, clear and hygienic healthy drinking water solutions for home and bWater is something which no person can live without and this is the reason why it needs to be pure and safe for the drinking purposes. There are many types of drinking water available in the market and one has to choose the one which is best for the health of a person. If you are thinking of buying packaged water for this purpose, think twice. There are many health hazards which are a part of this and you should be aware of them so that you do not invite diseases with your own hands. As compared to packaged water, there is bottleless water from WON Water, which offers the users the guarantee of germ free and pure and safe water. The Hot and cold water dispenser is the best device to be installed in your home or office.

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WON water provides you with the best and most cost effective hot and water dispensers for your home and your office or business establishments. The design of the dispenser is stylish and beautiful to add to the interiors. They are available in a wide range of colors and they are made from best quality UV-resistant materials, which can withstand heavy usage also. The water purifiers use a 1 micron water filtration system that can purify 1200 gallons of water without any replacement of filters. The filters have been certified by independent and regulatory authorities for their effectivity and efficiency in filtering our contaminants, metals, chemicals and bad odor or taste. They provide sparkling, pure and clean drinking water that tastes as good as natural drinking water.

There are two separate reservoirs made from premium quality stainless steel for the hot and cold water dispenser separately. The steel reservoir not only is sealed to prevent contamination, but the metal reservoir provides effective and fast heating or cooling for the water. Moreover these reservoirs are easy to unlock, clean and then reinstall and seal.

Our home water filtration systems and commercial units use a 1 micron water filtration system. Our filtration systems have been certified by authorities and independent agencies to purify 1200 gallons of water from harmful chemicals, cysts, external contamination of biotic or abiotic origin, bad taste, odor and others. Other process involves maintaining the quality of water that makes purified water delicious, fresh and at par with the drinking water standards. The water purifiers and the dispensers are designed to be stable, and hence the chances of them toppling and causing is very little. Moreover our purification systems are designed to prevent water spillage and overflow, thereby making it efficient in preventing water misuse and wastage. The hot and cold water faucets of the dispensers are state-of-the-art and provide cold or hot water when needed. The cold water faucet has thermostat to control the temperature of water, and the hot water faucet is child-proof.

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