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Are you still not sure Why WON BottleLess Is Better , than read further. If you rent a water cooler, we mentioned only the rental fee. Let`s not forget to include the other costs that automatically come besides renting, such as the space that your water filtration system requires and if someone gets injured in case of repairing your water cooler or perhaps, replacing the filters. Renting from purchasing and owning therefore present a lot of significant differences that are far away from each other! There`s nothing better than owning your own The WON BottleLess Water Cooler.

Have questions? Give us a call!

Have questions? Give us a call!

Our hot and cold water dispenser provides freedom from plastic bottles and their menace of landfill problems, chemical contamination and chemical pollution. Our bottleless water purifier and dispenser are also the best option for reducing water wastage as they convert your regular water supply into the finest quality of healthy and clean drinking water. They also free you from recurring cost of buying water bottles or renting water coolers or dispensers.

The Hot and cold water dispenser provides benefits from both the worlds. Depending on the temperature of the water which you require the dispenser will provide it to you within no time. As you can get both hot and cold water from the same device, it becomes easy for you and you do not have to install two different devices for your water needs. The WON Water company has competent staff which takes care of all your water needs.

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The hot and cold water dispensers in WON water manufactured bottleless cooler and dispenser are state of the art and safe also. The hot water faucet in the dispenser will provide you with steaming hot water at the touch of a button. The water is hot enough to make your instant tea or coffee. You can even make soup or instant noodles using the hot water too. Another important feature of the hot water faucet is that it is designed with a two step operation thereby making it child safe. The cold water faucet on the other hand can be your instant source to ice-cold water. You can enjoy your ice tea or have refreshing pure, clean ice cold water instantly after a hot and hard outdoor work. The cold water faucet is again installed with a thermostat that can be regulated to chill or cool water at your desired temperature.

WON water provides you with the best and most cost effective hot and water dispensers for your home and your office or business establishments. The design of the dispenser is stylish and beautiful to add to the interiors. They are available in a wide range of colors and they are made from best quality UV-resistant materials, which can withstand heavy usage also. The water purifiers use a 1 micron water filtration system that can purify 1200 gallons of water without any replacement of filters. The filters have been certified by independent and regulatory authorities for their effectivity and efficiency in filtering our contaminants, metals, chemicals and bad odor or taste. They provide sparkling, pure and clean drinking water that tastes as good as natural drinking water.

WON Water offers top of the line Home Water Purification Systems. Through the use of these machines and systems you can be sure that the water you would be getting would be in its purest form. No matter how much you might spend on the purchase of some healthy foods and diets, everything would be waste of money unless you have a constant supply of pure drinking water. A survey had been previously conducted in the United States in which the people were asked to rate the quality of water that is available to them. As expected, most of them were of the view that the quality of water available is around average. While there were those people who rated the quality of the drinking water poorly. Keeping in view the results of the survey, you should be aware about the tactics and measures which should take in order to ensure the health of your family. WON Water can provide an all in one solution to this problem.

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