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The WON BottleLess Water Cooler is one of the most popular and best cooler in the domain of water filtration systems and services. The company offers for its clients and interested potential customers to choose from two options: you have the possibility to order and purchase your bottle filtration system to always have it in your kitchen (and you`re the owner) or you can choose to rent a filtration system that is considered to be a disadvantageous alternative for you, from the financial point of view. Let`s see the reasons why you don`t want to rent a water cooler system from the company`s competitors and why owning your water cooler is the best decision.

Have questions? Give us a call!

Have questions? Give us a call!

The Water cooler dispenser, “WON Bottle less Coolers” made by our company are known for its superior quality and is one time investment. The coolers are made up of commercial grade materials that can survive even the worst usage conditions. The carefully engineered system meets all the demands and needs of clients pertaining to drinking water.

The next thing you need to reflect upon is the pricing. In other words, how much would our top quality Bottleless Cooler cost? Surely, the price of these coolers is much lower in comparison to the amounts you spend on the purchases of the bottled water on a regular basis. What is the point in spending so much money on the purchase, when in fact you do not have any surety about the quality of water? Even if you are a chemist or an environmental scientist, you would never love to check the quality of the water on a daily basis, as you might have other important things to do. But by using our Bottleless Water Coolers and testing the quality for one time, you would be sure that the same quality of water would be delivered on a daily basis. WON Water offers the most superior and high quality water filtration devices for you in the most affordable price range.

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Seymour, Noblesville, Munster, Muncie, New Castle, Schererville, Westfield, Crawfordsville, Goshen, Lafayette, Mishawaka, Dyer, La Porte, Crown Point, Michigan City, Griffith, Elkhart, Bloomington, West Lafayette, Brownsburg, Valparaiso, Frankfort, Lebanon, Fort Wayne, Terre Haute, Portage, South Bend, Franklin, Merrillville, Jasper, Greenfield, Marion, Huntington, Logansport, Greenwood

WON water provides you with the best and most cost effective hot and water dispensers for your home and your office or business establishments. The design of the dispenser is stylish and beautiful to add to the interiors. They are available in a wide range of colors and they are made from best quality UV-resistant materials, which can withstand heavy usage also. The water purifiers use a 1 micron water filtration system that can purify 1200 gallons of water without any replacement of filters. The filters have been certified by independent and regulatory authorities for their effectivity and efficiency in filtering our contaminants, metals, chemicals and bad odor or taste. They provide sparkling, pure and clean drinking water that tastes as good as natural drinking water.

Our hot and cold water dispenser provides freedom from plastic bottles and their menace of landfill problems, chemical contamination and chemical pollution. Our bottleless water purifier and dispenser are also the best option for reducing water wastage as they convert your regular water supply into the finest quality of healthy and clean drinking water. They also free you from recurring cost of buying water bottles or renting water coolers or dispensers.

Our home water filtration systems and commercial units use a 1 micron water filtration system. Our filtration systems have been certified by authorities and independent agencies to purify 1200 gallons of water from harmful chemicals, cysts, external contamination of biotic or abiotic origin, bad taste, odor and others. Other process involves maintaining the quality of water that makes purified water delicious, fresh and at par with the drinking water standards. The water purifiers and the dispensers are designed to be stable, and hence the chances of them toppling and causing is very little. Moreover our purification systems are designed to prevent water spillage and overflow, thereby making it efficient in preventing water misuse and wastage. The hot and cold water faucets of the dispensers are state-of-the-art and provide cold or hot water when needed. The cold water faucet has thermostat to control the temperature of water, and the hot water faucet is child-proof.

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