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If you don’t know why Why WON BottleLess Is Better than others, consider some points. First of all, renting a water cooler bottle means you need to pay a monthly fee of $40. This fee, if calculated for 12 months means an amount of $480 give annually only for the renting of the water filtration system. Starting with the comparison of the two amounts, you can already get an idea why owning your purification system is better. You buy it once, with only $399 and you will need $49.95 more when you want to replace your filters yearly or once at every two years. This is why, from the financial point of view, renting is not a good choice.

Have questions? Give us a call!

Have questions? Give us a call!

WON water is your best choice for clean, clear and hygienic healthy drinking water solutions for home and bWater is something which no person can live without and this is the reason why it needs to be pure and safe for the drinking purposes. There are many types of drinking water available in the market and one has to choose the one which is best for the health of a person. If you are thinking of buying packaged water for this purpose, think twice. There are many health hazards which are a part of this and you should be aware of them so that you do not invite diseases with your own hands. As compared to packaged water, there is bottleless water from WON Water, which offers the users the guarantee of germ free and pure and safe water. The Hot and cold water dispenser is the best device to be installed in your home or office.

Our hot and cold water dispenser provides freedom from plastic bottles and their menace of landfill problems, chemical contamination and chemical pollution. Our bottleless water purifier and dispenser are also the best option for reducing water wastage as they convert your regular water supply into the finest quality of healthy and clean drinking water. They also free you from recurring cost of buying water bottles or renting water coolers or dispensers.

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The hot and cold water dispensers in WON water manufactured bottleless cooler and dispenser are state of the art and safe also. The hot water faucet in the dispenser will provide you with steaming hot water at the touch of a button. The water is hot enough to make your instant tea or coffee. You can even make soup or instant noodles using the hot water too. Another important feature of the hot water faucet is that it is designed with a two step operation thereby making it child safe. The cold water faucet on the other hand can be your instant source to ice-cold water. You can enjoy your ice tea or have refreshing pure, clean ice cold water instantly after a hot and hard outdoor work. The cold water faucet is again installed with a thermostat that can be regulated to chill or cool water at your desired temperature.

The Hot and cold water dispenser provides benefits from both the worlds. Depending on the temperature of the water which you require the dispenser will provide it to you within no time. As you can get both hot and cold water from the same device, it becomes easy for you and you do not have to install two different devices for your water needs. The WON Water company has competent staff which takes care of all your water needs.

Our home water filtration systems and commercial units use a 1 micron water filtration system. Our filtration systems have been certified by authorities and independent agencies to purify 1200 gallons of water from harmful chemicals, cysts, external contamination of biotic or abiotic origin, bad taste, odor and others. Other process involves maintaining the quality of water that makes purified water delicious, fresh and at par with the drinking water standards. The water purifiers and the dispensers are designed to be stable, and hence the chances of them toppling and causing is very little. Moreover our purification systems are designed to prevent water spillage and overflow, thereby making it efficient in preventing water misuse and wastage. The hot and cold water faucets of the dispensers are state-of-the-art and provide cold or hot water when needed. The cold water faucet has thermostat to control the temperature of water, and the hot water faucet is child-proof.

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