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If you don’t know why Why WON BottleLess Is Better than others, consider some points. First of all, renting a water cooler bottle means you need to pay a monthly fee of $40. This fee, if calculated for 12 months means an amount of $480 give annually only for the renting of the water filtration system. Starting with the comparison of the two amounts, you can already get an idea why owning your purification system is better. You buy it once, with only $399 and you will need $49.95 more when you want to replace your filters yearly or once at every two years. This is why, from the financial point of view, renting is not a good choice.

Have questions? Give us a call!

Have questions? Give us a call!

The next thing you need to reflect upon is the pricing. In other words, how much would our top quality Bottleless Cooler cost? Surely, the price of these coolers is much lower in comparison to the amounts you spend on the purchases of the bottled water on a regular basis. What is the point in spending so much money on the purchase, when in fact you do not have any surety about the quality of water? Even if you are a chemist or an environmental scientist, you would never love to check the quality of the water on a daily basis, as you might have other important things to do. But by using our Bottleless Water Coolers and testing the quality for one time, you would be sure that the same quality of water would be delivered on a daily basis. WON Water offers the most superior and high quality water filtration devices for you in the most affordable price range.

Having a Water Cooler for Home is surely a must have for all. But with the quality issues that are linked with the bottled water, the need for finding a new solution to this problem is imperative. With this said, you should start thinking about the top quality home water filtration systems offered by WON Water. Being in the lead in terms of providing the best quality machines, our professionals and experts are always ready to offer their assistance no matter what time of the day it might be. Now if you think a little about the price of the bottled water, you will be struck with a realization i.e. a soda bottle can be purchased at the same price. You need to be aware about the hidden sides of the production process through which the bottled water is prepared.

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If you want to install a new device in your home or office, get in touch with us and book your order. Out staff will be at your premises within no time and will get the machine installed immediately. We also offer our clients the best after sales service in terms of maintaining and servicing the machine at regular intervals. This not only gives you pure water, but also provides you with a great health value. This means that you will save money in by not buying bottled water on a regular basis and also the doctor’s bill as you will not fall sick so often.

A water cooler bottle is a cooling device which keeps the water bottle cool when a bottle attached to cooler. There are two types of filtration devices are available in the market. The first come with the bottle less and another comes with bottled water coolers. The WON bottleless water cooler connected to our water supply and the bottle water coolers depends on the delivery of large bottle from a vendor. The water coolers are already being used by many homes and offices. WON bottleless water provides safe drinking water.

WON Water offers top of the line Home Water Purification Systems. Through the use of these machines and systems you can be sure that the water you would be getting would be in its purest form. No matter how much you might spend on the purchase of some healthy foods and diets, everything would be waste of money unless you have a constant supply of pure drinking water. A survey had been previously conducted in the United States in which the people were asked to rate the quality of water that is available to them. As expected, most of them were of the view that the quality of water available is around average. While there were those people who rated the quality of the drinking water poorly. Keeping in view the results of the survey, you should be aware about the tactics and measures which should take in order to ensure the health of your family. WON Water can provide an all in one solution to this problem.

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